Last Day of Camp!

•July 1, 2010 • 144 Comments

Hey Campers!

Hope you’ve had a great time this week at camp! Juwan and the staff have enjoyed hanging out with you. Today’s computer lab assignment is to post a comment to this blog telling Juwan the following:

1. What has been your favorite part of camp?
2. Name one thing you learned about basketball that will help improve your game.

Thanks and make sure to keep reading as many books as you can so we can see you at camp again next year!


3rd Day of Camp

•June 30, 2010 • 179 Comments

 Hey Campers!

Juwan wants all of you to thank the sponsors of his basketball camp.  He also wants everyone to give one reason why he should continue to provide the camp!

2nd Day of Camp

•June 29, 2010 • 201 Comments

Hey campers!

I hope your first day of camp went well. It was a treat to see such a big turnout and see you all get so excited to be a part of this year’s camp. Each year we try to improve the camp by providing new and exciting learning tools so that you can maximize your efforts in learning. We’ve added the “Juwan Howard Book Club Blog.”

Hopefully you guys will have an opportunity to take advantage to learn how to use the blog and make posts about what books you are reading.

The last book I read was the Bible. Well, I’m actually still reading it! It’s always a good read.

What was the last book that you read? What book are you reading now?


1st Day of Camp

•June 28, 2010 • 208 Comments

Juwan’s Online Book Club Blog is an online community where the discussion of books you are reading takes place. Take a few minutes to go through the pages (on the right) to learn about blogging and organize your thoughts before you hit the Blog section to make a great first impression. We have also added some great links to add to your Book Club experience.